A little run in with the cops in Puerto Rico…

Like any tourist traveling to Puerto Rico for the first time, Jeremy and I were eager to witness the famous bioluminescent waters we have all dreamed of exploring since the first time we crossed an Instagram photo on our newsfeed.

Since our trip was very last-minute (we decided to travel 2 days before we hopped on the plane!), we were desperately calling every kayak bioluminescent tour in the country (yes, country). We finally found a tour in Fajardo Bay. We were told by locals that parking would be extremely tough at the bay so we decided to Uber (apparently not a preferred choice by locals).

When the tour ended (very beautiful experience but we’ll talk about it in a later blog), we called an Uber. The Uber driver then texted us and asked where we was going, I told them back to our hotel, which was about 20 minutes away. He then told me that his car had just broken down (apparently right after he had asked where we were going). Anyway, we tried calling another Uber. By this point, it was very, very late like 11pm, since the bioluminescent tours need to be pitch black to really have a point. There were no Ubers in the area available for pick up.

We looked around and the bay/park had started to empty. Shoot. We were completely stuck in the middle of the deserted bay area with no ride and no way to walk back to the hotel. Should we find a taxi? “No taxis in this area and at this time” said a very blunt local. Okay then what do we do? “You’re pretty stuck, no way to get back there, you should have driven..” Well… yes, we know that now.

So we’re contemplating calling the hotel when we see a group of police officers standing. We walk towards the officers and ask them exactly how we get back to the hotel. They tell us the same thing, no rides at this time, you really should have driven…After they chat with each other back and forth for about 5 minutes they finally turn to us and say we’re off in an hour, we will give you a ride back then. In the meantime, we try to call the hotel a couple of times but no luck.

A very young and friendly police officer comes up to us 10 minutes later and says that they will give us a ride now. As we walk towards the police car, the older policeman says to the young one, she (as in me) rides in the front with you and he (Jeremy) rides in the back.

We awkwardly get into the car, as Jeremy is trying to practice his Spanish (high school Spanish level and freshmen year of college?) with his new police friends. The older policeman, who doesn’t seem to understand, says to the younger policeman in Spanish, ” I can’t understand a word he’s  saying.” I then began translating to the police office (which they were shocked I spoke Spanish) and then we had a quiet (&awkward) ride home. Oh, did I mention their sirens and lights were on the whole time home?

We finally got to the hotel and the hotel manager comes outside and says:

“Oh, more drunk ones?” 

Thank you to the Puerto Rico policemen who drove us home! We truly appreciate it!

Tips we learned if you’re visiting Fajardo Bay:

  1. Drive! Taxis & Ubers are very unreliable
  2. If you’re not driving, make sure you book a shuttle with your tour beforehand.
  3. You should book your tour WAY before, we got very lucky but most tours were booked, mostly in summer.
  4. Bring bug repellent or else you will get eaten.
  5. Feel free to ask questions or for help to the local police, they are extremely polite and friendly.



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