Delaware Water Gap: Yes & No

We woke up one Sunday morning and decided — hey let’s go for a hike — with Toby (our wiener/poodle). We drove 1 hour to the wonderful Delaware Water Gap (arrived around 9:30am) and it was crowded! We befriended a guard who let us park in a parking lot that was “full”. We crossed the street and found Kittatinny Point, where we took the red trail up and the blue trail down.

The YES:

  1. SUPER beautiful hike and the views are to die for.
  2. Great exercise (take the red trail up for a more hardcore experience 😉 ).
  3. It’s dog-friendly (we were able to take our Toby).
  4. Various hiking trails to choose from.
  5. You can also do water activities (kayak, etc.).

The NO:

  1. The red trail is extremely steep, I would suggest the blue trail for an easier alternative.
  2. If your dog is not athletic, they will get tired easy (Jeremy had to carry Toby for half the hike).
  3. The parking lot gets crowded fast — get there early!
  4. It get crowded while hiking if you go later.
  5. Renting a kayak there can be pricey and you have to take the whole tour from the shop.

Other tips:

  1. We suggest you take the red trail up (steeper) and the blue trail down (flatter). The blue trail does take a little bit longer but it is significantly easier.
  2. When you think you reached the top, you didn’t. Keep on going until you reach the real top.
  3. Bring lots of water — this is a hard hike.
  4. Great for photo opportunities — we would bring camera/gopro.
  5. You don’t have to race up the mountain — take your time and enjoy the view!

We hope you enjoy your hike and remember to hydrate! Do you have any other tips? Comment below and share them with us!


Alexia & Jeremy

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