Our Not-So-Chilling Blue Lagoon Experience in the Winter

Oh my — what an experience! This is definitely a must if you are visiting Iceland. We were so excited to finally visit The Blue Lagoon, after being captivated by all those travel blogs and breath-taking Instagram photos. Not going to lie, we were also a little scared about visiting during winter since Iceland is COLD (not East Coast Cold, but actually COLD). Continue reading “Our Not-So-Chilling Blue Lagoon Experience in the Winter”

Our Itinerary – Turks & Caicos 2017

Turks & Caicos is a great place if you want a relaxing, family-friendly, and calm vacation. It IS an expensive destination overall, but can also be a great destination for visitors trying to have a great time while not emptying their bank account! Continue reading “Our Itinerary – Turks & Caicos 2017”