Our Itinerary – Turks & Caicos 2017

Turks & Caicos is a great place if you want a relaxing, family-friendly, and calm vacation. It IS an expensive destination overall, but can also be a great destination for visitors trying to have a great time while not emptying their bank account!

You can try to the following tips to make your trip more affordable:

  1. Try going during the off-season (during summer is best, but try to avoid hurricanes!)
  2. Rent a car instead of taking taxis (if you dare driving on the left side of the road), a taxi can cost $40 just to get to your hotel. Renting a car starts at around that price.
  3. Buy groceries instead of eating at restaurants, a meal at a local restaurant starts at around $50-$60 for about two people.
  4. Stay at a local inn instead of a big chain resort, this is a WAY cheaper option, mostly if you want to explore the island instead of just chilling at a resort your whole vacation. We stayed at Grace Bay Suites.

Our Itinerary

Day 1:  We arrived! We were greeted by local music at the airport (tiny airport, BTW) and went to our hotel. We then made our way to Grace Bay Beach (biggest beach) and Little Water Cay (Iguana Island). You can Kayak or take a short boat ride to Little Iguana Cay. The Cay is small and deserted and you get to witness  iguanas in their natural habitat.

Day 2: We snorkeled in the deep blue water and explored other islands – we went with big blue unlimited, depending on the weather you may visit one or several reefs to see fish! The water was clear and you can see the reefs, including plants and fishes. We also explored other local islands (pretty much just sand) where we took photos and swam in the water!

Day 3: We spent the day exploring the island – visiting Chalk Sound National Park, its absolutely beautiful and the water is SO blue, pretty *photo opt location*! We visited “The Hole”, this hole in the land was literally just on the side of the road, there’s a hand-made sign that says “The Hole”, and visited other beaches, such as Taylor Bay Beach and Leeward Beach.

Day 4: We relaxed again at Grace Bay Beach and “adopted” a shelter dog for the day at Potcake Place and took the dog on a walk to the beach. You can learn more about adopting a dog for day here.

Day 5:  Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to kayak in the Mangroves, BUT this is something you should definitely do if you get the chance and if the water levels allow it. We’ve been told this is one of the best places to see turtles. We flew back home on this day and left the beautiful island just days before a hurricane hit! Phew. 

We enjoyed our stay at Turks & Caicos and truly recommend it to our fellow travel friends. If you have the time we suggest visiting other local, nearby islands to see flamingos and private beaches!

Until next time!

Alexia & Jeremy

4 thoughts on “Our Itinerary – Turks & Caicos 2017

  1. I paddleboarded in the Mangroves! We didn’t see any turtles, but we did see nurse sharks and lemon sharks, as well as jellyfish and a bunch of other animals. I would totally recommend it. I also went to Potcake Place. So cool that you got to ‘adopt’ the dog! Wish I had known about that!

    If you need any more tips, I have a ton of posts on Turks on my blog!


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