Our Not-So-Chilling Blue Lagoon Experience in the Winter

Oh my — what an experience! This is definitely a must if you are visiting Iceland. We were so excited to finally visit The Blue Lagoon, after being captivated by all those travel blogs and breath-taking Instagram photos. Not going to lie, we were also a little scared about visiting during winter since Iceland is COLD (not East Coast Cold, but actually COLD).

Our time slot to enter the lagoon was at 8am, so we were up bright and early. We entered the lobby area and waited in line to check in and receive our wristbands (there will be a line but less if you get premium package). Once we received our items, we went to the locker rooms (boy & girl) and changed, put our things in a locker, and took a quick rinse before going into the lagoon (this is mandatory). Then, we entered the lagoon from an interior entrance (do not enter from outside, WAY too cold) and it led us to our first-ever blue lagoon experience…

A few tips we learned:

  1. Wear earmuffs and a rash guard — You will thank us. Even though the water is warm, your ears will freeze if you do not have earmuffs. Also, there are some areas of the lagoon that are not as warm, your rash guard will keep you warm throughout your trip.
  2. Get a package that fits your desired experience — We decided on the “premium package” since we wanted to eat at LAVA restaurant. The bathrobe, slippers, and towel are always nice to have. Our premium  package also included a facial mask, free drink, among other nice add-ons.
  3. Try to book an early reservation — We had an 8am entry time, which allowed us to stay there for several hours. If you book a later reservation, you can only stay until closing, giving you less time at the lagoon.
  4. Girls, bring a hair tie — We strongly suggest you don’t get your hair wet, since it will make your exit a little colder and the water has sulfur, which can damage your hair. The lagoon offers hair conditioner you can apply before and after your experience to keep it from getting damaged.
  5. Bring a water proof camera — We brought our go pro with us and we were not scared of it getting wet (because it will). We also witnessed a few brave souls bringing their DSLR cameras into the lagoon (we strongly advise against this).
  6. Take breaks between water time — Try going out (interior part only) and resting and then going back into the lagoon, nice breaks give your skin time to rest from the heat.

The Blue Lagoon was a relaxing and fun experience! We don’t think the winter season should deter people from visiting (it was snowing when we went). If you take the necessary precautions, you will have a great time during the winter at the Blue Lagoon. You can learn more about booking your stay here.

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