[Guest Blog] 3 Months in South America & A Blunder We Will Always Remember!

Three months in South America. A trip that we had dreamt of for so long and a trip we will never forget… Not only because South America is such an amazing continent to explore but also because of a “small” travel blunder that took us to places we did not think we will see! Continue reading “[Guest Blog] 3 Months in South America & A Blunder We Will Always Remember!”

Our Not-So-Chilling Blue Lagoon Experience in the Winter

Oh my — what an experience! This is definitely a must if you are visiting Iceland. We were so excited to finally visit The Blue Lagoon, after being captivated by all those travel blogs and breath-taking Instagram photos. Not going to lie, we were also a little scared about visiting during winter since Iceland is COLD (not East Coast Cold, but actually COLD). Continue reading “Our Not-So-Chilling Blue Lagoon Experience in the Winter”

Delaware Water Gap: Yes & No

We woke up one Sunday morning and decided — hey let’s go for a hike — with Toby (our wiener/poodle). We drove 1 hour to the wonderful Delaware Water Gap (arrived around 9:30am) and it was crowded! We befriended a guard who let us park in a parking lot that was “full”. We crossed the street and found Kittatinny Point, where we took the red trail up and the blue trail down. Continue reading “Delaware Water Gap: Yes & No”

Our Itinerary – Puerto Rico 2017

Our trip to Puerto Rico was adventurous. When we first booked the trip (3 days before departing), we had a vision that Puerto Rico was going to be like Costa Rica, which we had visited previously in the year. Although it was very different from Costa Rica, it was filled with its own special charm. Jeremy and I are extremely adventurous individuals so we had to try practically all the island has to offer: Continue reading “Our Itinerary – Puerto Rico 2017”